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Gather ‘Round for the Ministry Kickstarter Blog Hop

Howdy, all! Been a while, I know. In case you’re wondering, I’ve been over at Juke Pop Serials putting up a chapter a week of Blank and Blue Bloods. I’ve got some other bits and pieces in the works, but nothing … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing Blog Hop!

Author Maureen O Betita tagged me (quite a while ago, but I won’t tell if you won’t) in a game of blog hopping and chatting about books. According to author Shel Delisle, the idea is “about a lot of authors … Continue reading

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Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop Winners!

Okay, ‘tonight’ became ‘tomorrow’ frighteningly fast, but in the midst of holiday preparations, I’ve managed to put all the names in a notional electronic hat and pluck four of them forth via the magics of random numbers! So… without further … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday – 12/16/2012

A plethora of riches for you this week! More Desert Fox (Iron Angel part 3), new Blank and Blue Bloods, and a Contest! If you’ve got a few minutes, check them out! *** At Gomez’s announcement, time froze for an … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday 09/16/2012

Six more from Desert Fox today! Keep an eye out for my new serials, Blank and Blue Bloods, over at Juke Pop Serials! Also, if you like Desert Fox, be sure to check out the other Iron Angel books! *** … Continue reading

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Guesting this Saturday at Paranormal Romantics!

Hallo lads and lasses! I’m going to be over at Paranormal Romantics this Saturday, blogging about the roller coaster that was this past week end. Thrill to a chilling tale of medical miracles! Gasp at simulated derring do! Giggle at … Continue reading

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I’m over at Paranormal Romantics today!

Hey there lads and lasses! Today I’m guesting over at the Paranormal Romantics blog, giving my version of a commencement speech. Drop on by!

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Six Sentence Sunday 06/10/2012

More of The Desert Fox and the Iberico Clavel for you! Remember, this is the third part of the Iron Angel trilogy! *** “Don’t even think about it, boys.  We’ve got twenty guns on you.  All you’ll get is dead.” … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday 04/29/2012

Here we are again with more from The Desert Fox and The Iberico Clavel, latest book in the Iron Angel series, which begins with The Strange Fate of Capricious Jones. By the way, for those of you in or near … Continue reading

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Goin’ to the movies…

I’ve mentioned this one before.  My friends and I often talk about our favorite books, and who we would cast to play the various characters.  I do it with my characters in my books sometimes as well.  I’m just finishing … Continue reading

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