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“It’s Time To Talk”, The Hamster Said, “Of Many Things…”

WARNING – This post will be long, and may offend some folks. There may be triggers, please be advised. Now buckle up and let’s begin. Please remain reading until the essay has come to a complete stop. Enjoy your ride! As most of … Continue reading

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Why I Teach

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a teacher. More specifically, I teach life science at an inner city high school.  Over the past few months, I’ve spoken with a number of people about the job.  Quite a few … Continue reading

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Promotional Blues…

First of all, before anything else, I’m doing just a *little* bit of news.  It’s sort of related to my blog post today.  What Not to Fear is out!  It’s available at Decadent and Amazon.  I’m sure it’s available elsewhere, … Continue reading

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Friday. Flash.

A quick note on the Friday Flash.  I’m not really aiming for “Flash Fiction” (although I may try to post some).  Instead I’m aiming for short, non-news posts, whether they be flash fiction, poetry, or even pithy commentary.  With that … Continue reading

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Literary Chain Smoking…

No, I’m not talking about using James Joyce for rolling paper.  Although, now that you think about it, any book which has an advert for a dictionary on the back, where the dictionary has comparitively good dialogue and plot?  Yeah, … Continue reading

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Friday. Flash.

Winds scour the chasm between is and might be. The cold wind of fear for self from the angelic.  The burning wind of fear for others from the demonic. Tempest tossed to the grimy sand of the mundane.  Eyes blinded … Continue reading

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Friday. Flash.

Inside every man, an Adonis, inside every woman, an Aphrodite. I see them all.  I see the angelic and demonic, the mundane reality invisible in the glare of might be. I taste the terror of the unknown self, the anger … Continue reading

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On Writing and the Value of NaNo

It’s been a while since I posted anything but News up in here.  That’s going to change.  Since actions are better than words, it’s changing now. Writing is an odd sort of activity.  It’s creative, but unlike a lot of … Continue reading

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A peek inside my head…

Hey all.  I realized today at a seminar where I could get to Facebook that if I had a smartphone (with SIMM card) or other connection to Twitter or Facebook, I’d likely put a lot more of my errant thoughts … Continue reading

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