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I don’t bite. Really.

Was talking on the phone last night and heard that some people have looked at the site and had questions for me, but didn’t know how to ask. Couldn’t be simpler.  Get a message to me any way you like, … Continue reading

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About eBooks

I was asked quite recently whether a kindle is required to read my eBooks.  The answer is an emphatic NO.  Everything at Decadent will be available in a variety of formats, which means you can read them on a variety … Continue reading

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Contest Update

I’ve spoken with the fantastic folks over at Decadent.  Every person who buys Fae Eye for the Golem Guy in August will be automatically entered in the contest to win the full color Ophilia artwork!  So all you need do … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m quite excited about the book coming out, so I’m tending to shout a bit.  Then again, I’m an excitable type in general.  That said, there is news.  As noted in the post title, I’m having a contest to … Continue reading

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Fae Eye is available on the 1st, Road Mage is available on the 16th! Go, go, go, go, go and see! There’s a contest for a free Kindle! I’ll be adding another contest soon for some artwork based on the … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new place!

It looks like we’ve only got one bug left, so going forward I’ll be posting my blog entries over here.  Unfortunately, that one bug is that links won’t post for some reason, so for the time being I’ll be posting … Continue reading

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