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News at 11! Student writers and other larval fen!

As some of you know, during the day I pose as a mild-mannered school teacher.  In the evenings, I put on a cape and fight crime! Wait, no, that’s not right.  In the evening I sit down at a keyboard … Continue reading

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Friday. Flash

The best and the worst of us come out when we least expect it. I find a demon, broken, and nurse him back to health. I find an angel, hale, and drain him dry. I watch both happen, and cannot … Continue reading

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Literary Chain Smoking…

No, I’m not talking about using James Joyce for rolling paper.  Although, now that you think about it, any book which has an advert for a dictionary on the back, where the dictionary has comparitively good dialogue and plot?  Yeah, … Continue reading

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News at 11! 02/21/2011

Hallo out there in internet land!  Time for another installment of News At 11! First and foremost, thanks to everyone who comments here on the blog.  I appreciate each and every comment I get. Second, I’m going to be implementing … Continue reading

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Friday. Flash.

Winds scour the chasm between is and might be. The cold wind of fear for self from the angelic.  The burning wind of fear for others from the demonic. Tempest tossed to the grimy sand of the mundane.  Eyes blinded … Continue reading

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News at 11!

Two bits of exciting news today! First, for those who haven’t heard, I’m going to be at the Romantic Times 2011 Convention this April in Los Angeles.  I’ll be posting the rest of my schedule ASAP, but I’ll be happy … Continue reading

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Friday. Flash.

Inside every man, an Adonis, inside every woman, an Aphrodite. I see them all.  I see the angelic and demonic, the mundane reality invisible in the glare of might be. I taste the terror of the unknown self, the anger … Continue reading

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