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News At 11! Appearances!

Hey there everybody! First and foremost, I want to remind those of you who will be at RT 2011 that I’ll be attending.  I’ll even be dressing out for the Faerie Ball.  Muah.  Ha.  Ha.  That’s all I’m sayin’ about … Continue reading

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Another Snippet (from XLI)!

I’ve got some essays bouncing around my head, but they’ve been a little delayed by prep for RT.  YES!  In just over 2 weeks I’ll be in LA at RT!  Come see me! At any rate, here’s a snippet from … Continue reading

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News at 11

Just a few items today. First, I’ve submitted a few full novels to some big publishing houses.  I’ve gotten some good feedback on those two novels, we’ll see if the houses like them.  One I expect a response within a few … Continue reading

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Let’s play the casting game!

My college friends and I had a game we used to play with books.  I’m sure some of you have played this, even if only with yourself. Wait…  That didn’t sound right… Anyway, the game is the imaginary casting game.  Name … Continue reading

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News At 11! Scheduling and such

First, a note on scheduling.  I’ve been overextended for the past couple months, and I collapsed repeatedly over the past few weeks.  For those of you who were looking for me, that’s why I missed Wicked Faire and the Alternative … Continue reading

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Friday. Flash.

A quick note on the Friday Flash.  I’m not really aiming for “Flash Fiction” (although I may try to post some).  Instead I’m aiming for short, non-news posts, whether they be flash fiction, poetry, or even pithy commentary.  With that … Continue reading

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A snippet! A snippet from something Not Yet Published!

In just a few weeks, What Not to Fear will be coming out.  With that in mind, here’s a sample of it. *** “You wanted to see me, Captain?” “Have a seat, Detective.” “I prefer to stand.” The captain’s response … Continue reading

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Friday. Flash.

Groaning, I push at the dead weight in my hands.  Every day I get a little older, every day it gets a little heavier.  Every time a child looks away, every time a young woman giggles when my back is … Continue reading

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Review – Dust by Joan Frances Turner

It’s Wednesday, and that means anything goes.  Today I’m going to be doing a book review.  Just ’cause.  I might do more in the future.  But I’m not committing to anything, ’cause Wednesdays are gonna stay anything goes.  Got it? … Continue reading

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