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Game night last night…

So, I got to play Sasha again last night. It’s been nearly a month, and I’ve missed her. I think the most disturbing part of that statement is that I don’t actually find it disturbing. In any game, there will … Continue reading

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Sasha’s Rules…

So lately I’ve been getting back into old school pencil-and-paper tabletop roleplaying. Specifically, I’ve been playing in a fantasy game on Tuesday nights. I’m playing a character named Sasha Black, a terrifying fashionista assassin. The most succinct description of her … Continue reading

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Soraka – The True Tank

Quick up-to-speed for the various readerships. I’m sure you all know what a real ‘tank’ is; big military vehicle, heavily armored, big gun. All else varies, but it’s a big monster on the modern land battlefield. In RPG terms, a … Continue reading

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Thoughts for the day… New Year!

Well… Here it is, 2014. Welcome to the new year. I’ll be trying some new things here this year. Stay tuned for updates. New Blue Bloods today. Go check it out while you wait. Submitted Crowbar Girl yesterday. Now I … Continue reading

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