Thoughts for the day… New Year!

Well… Here it is, 2014. Welcome to the new year.

I’ll be trying some new things here this year. Stay tuned for updates.

New Blue Bloods today. Go check it out while you wait.

Submitted Crowbar Girl yesterday. Now I wait. Based on the publisher’s website, I’m not expecting to hear back until mid-year, really. So I’m not holding my breath or anything, but based on their current offerings, I think they’d be a good fit.

Still haven’t heard back from the publisher to whom I submitted Cat’s Paw. I spoke with the head of the publishing house at Philcon in early November, he told me I’d hear back by the end of the month. I’m hoping he’s just got sidetracked again, and not trying to come up with a polite way of saying “I now need brain bleach. This is a crime against humanity. I’ve contacted Interpol.”

What? It’s the Werecamel Stripper, the Accidental Porn Star, and the Demon from the End of Time. That’s likely to require some mental acrobatics for most people.

Finally, my MX-11’s backspace key is sticking. This annoys me.


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