Game night last night…

So, I got to play Sasha again last night. It’s been nearly a month, and I’ve missed her. I think the most disturbing part of that statement is that I don’t actually find it disturbing.

In any game, there will be completely random things that become sort of mini-memes, or in-campaign-world memes. In Sasha’s case, that’s where the rule ‘that costs extra’ came from. It’s also why when a pair of demons attacked our ship, one of them went out of his way to bring a necklace of immunity to fear, because apparently even the Nether Hells are now aware of Sasha’s… unsettling nature.

Also, she tried to subdue someone again. She accidentally hit her target so hard the wizard’s father wound up stunned for a week. Luckily our wizard could rebuild the poor ship’s wizard.

Later in the evening, the ranger’s animal companion, a cougar, got killed by a frost giant in the giant’s last (rather spiteful) living act. He kept on hitting the giant, so Sasha figured he needed some closure. Enter Sasha as Memorial Design Consultant. The mage created a cairn of pure, clear, ever-frozen ice on the edge of a cliff, and Sasha carried each of the giant corpses the cat helped us create over the edge of the cliff and nailed them to the cliff face with instructions to lead the poor cat into cat-Valhalla.

No idea if the Frost-Giant afterlife heard her or not, but the Dwarf seemed to feel better.

Also, in more important news, the Mage made Sasha new pumps and a tiara. Her reaction was, at least in private afterward, significantly Amy Farrah-Fowler-esque.

The entire session prompted the creation of a new Rule.

Rule Number Seven

– Clean your blade

– Keep your tools well, and they will keep you well

– Keep your hair styled, your skin soft, your limbs toned, your breasts firm, your sword sharp, your daggers balanced and pointed, your wardrobe classic, varied and immaculate, your partners healthy, equipped, and focused. Know the proper recourse if one of your tools nears failure. If your body grows weak, exercise it. If your tools break, repair them. If your partners have needs, whether they be for knowledge, for justice, for closure, or for something important, make sure those needs are met. You never know which of your tools you will need tomorrow, or what the cost may be if it fails.

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