News at 11! Pimpin’ for a friend!

Hey out there in internet land!  Not much new going on here.

As I noted in my posts from RT2011, Angela James requested Baby, which was undergoing some heavy edits.  Sadly the edits showed a Major Plot Hole, enough to drop three worlds into without a trace, so I had to rewrite *mutter mutter mutter* words.  What’s that?  You couldn’t hear me?  I said “90,000 words”.  Yeah.  I realized that about two weeks ago.  I haven’t had much time to write since spring break, but I’m 40,000 words into the rewrite, and what was looking like a goofy little quirky story is coming out…

Better.  Darker.  Oh, hells yes darker.  MC being hunted by a nasty old man with a shotgun, hiding in a clothes collection bin trying to rescue a starving, homeless, abused kid, and not logging out of the VR game she’s in because she’s forgotten she’s in one because it’s better than her real life.  The demon is no longer a random force of whimsey, but instead an egocentric psychopath from an entire society like herself.  Some of the good guys actually get their bills paid by the bad guys.  People have families, and those families are bearing the brunt of the awfulness of a full on demonic invasion.  But…  yeah.  Better. 

Anyhow, that’s where the writing is at right now.  I’m here today to pimp Something Completely Different

As you know, I’ve been working with Blue on a Super Secret Project for What Not to Fear.  The Super Secret Project is done, just waiting to be unleashed when WNtF is ready to hit the shelves, but Blue has many irons in the fire, and she’s asked me to help her out with something, and maybe get a little help in return.  Blue has a new album coming out, and it’s available for pre-order.  Internet savvy businesswoman that Blue is, she’s got it set up so you can download one of the songs *right away* when you pre-order!  How nifty is that?  Also, if you drop a bit more cash on the deal, you can come away with more swag, up to and including Blue herself, playing her songs in person at a concert for you and your friends.  Seriously nifty, if you can swing the bread, no?

So, if you’re a fan of geekrock, or acoustic guitar, or sopranos, or filk (some of the songs have a filk feel) or you want to play modern-day-patron to a modern-day-bard, head on over here and check it out.  One important note!  If you do decide to pick up some music, or music and swag, or music and swag and bard rental, make sure you mention my name where it says ‘instructions to seller’.  If you do, I get Blue’s eternal gratitude, not to mention minor kickbacks, which may wind up being all that pays my rent this summer.

Go! go! go! go! go! go!

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