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-About the Author-
Bob has wandered through life, acquiring a checkered past. He’s worked as a technician, a manager, a carpenter, and currently teaches environmental science to inner-city high school students. At one point in there, he started writing and people started asking for more, so it seemed the thing to do.

That’s what it says in the ‘about the author’ section in my books, at least.  Not that any of that’s untrue, but it’s actually somewhat abbreviated.  I’m sure you’ll see more via the blog, but the short, short version is that one of my best friends in college once said ‘sometimes you’ve just got to get into Bob’s head.  Then get right back out as fast as humanly possible.

So… yeah.  Feel free to say whatever you like when you comment, it’s difficult to offend me.  If my ramblings offend, let me know.  I may not agree with you, but I love a good discussion.  If you mailed me something at bob.roman@gmail.com and I haven’t mailed back, either it’s stuck in my spam filter OR you’ve intrigued me and I’m custom crafting a response.

Also, I’m on Facebook, where I update sort of frequently, and on Twitter, where I’m on occasionally, because Twitter hates me.

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  2. Wow, I know someone with a website. Wow. I have to say; I’m surprised to say this, but you look pretty okay with facial hair. I normally hate facial hair. Good luck with this. Does it mean I need a kindle to read? Yuck. Kindle. Give me ‘real’ books any day. Smilie: :) Congrats (again)

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